How Much Does a Locksmith Cost? 3 Important Things You Should Know.

how much does a locksmith cost
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Have you ever locked yourself out of your car or house and had to call the locksmith? It can be an intimidating experience — not just because you’re locked out but also because you have no idea how much does a locksmith cost. The good news is that understanding and budgeting for locksmith services doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s take a look at the average cost of locksmith services.

How much does a locksmith cost?

What Affects the Cost of a Locksmith Service?

When determining a budget for a locksmith, there can be a lot of different considerations. For example, what locks need to be opened often depends on the kind of car or door they are attached to. This can affect the cost. Additionally, the time of day when services are requested could also raise prices, especially if it’s after hours. Moreover, it’s important to consider where the locksmith needs to come from and how far they have to travel to get to you – these factors can ultimately increase your total expenses. In short, if it takes longer for a locksmith to come out, you might expect your rate to follow suit and rise accordingly.

Average Costs for Home-Related Locksmith Jobs 

When hiring a professional locksmith for home-related jobs, the overall cost varies depending on the type of job or service you’d like done. Unsurprisingly, more involved or urgent projects cost around $100-$215 minimum. But full lock replacement and re-keyings soar costs even further and generally come with an additional fee. Unfortunately, not all home services are equal in worth; that’s why it’s best to ask what exactly you are asking the locksmith to do when getting started to stay within budget expectations.

Average Costs for Car Lockouts 

how much does a locksmith cost

Getting locked out of your car is never convenient — but an expert locksmith can easily assist you during this emergency. The price for car lockout assistance can vary significantly depending on your location. Generally speaking, in most areas, the range is $75-$150. However, if you call for support after typical business hours, there could be added costs — from $150-$300 higher than the normal price. Take some time to explore all your options before picking a service provider near you — it might save you from paying more!

How much does a locksmith cost?


Overall, hiring a professional locksmith does not need to cause financial stress — as long as you understand what factors affect pricing and do some research ahead of time so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment. In addition, make sure that any locksmith services provider has been properly certified before hiring them so that quality work is guaranteed. Lucky for you, here at Expert Locksmith Aurora, we are certified and ready to help; we guarantee complete satisfaction, so give us a call and learn more about the comprehensive locksmith services we provide!

Knowing how much a locksmith costs ahead of time gives homeowners and drivers peace of mind that they can access their property without breaking the bank, so we hope this article helped you out or, at the very least, kept you informed.

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